Deep Whois

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Download & Install


Scan the following QR code to download the Deep Whois app:

QR Code to install Deep Whois App on iOS


macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and etc.

Install on macOS, Linux, FreeBSD

To install or to update paste the following command in a macOS Terminal or Linux/FreeBSD shell prompt:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The install script asks your permission on each installation step before it commits any change.

Prerequisites & Dependencies

The installation has been successfully tested on latest macOS, FreeBSD, and on major Linux distributions - Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Red Hat, openSUSE, SUSE, Amazon, Alma, and Rocky.


On macOS upon starting the installation, if not yet installed, the system will prompt you to install Command Line Developer Tools - in that case install the Command Line Developer Tools using the appeared popup first and then restart the Deep Whois installation:

Popup to install Command Line Developer Tools on macOS


On a fresh instance of Debian or Kali Linux upon starting the installation you may get an error message: "Unable to locate package python3-dnspython".

In that case run the repository update before restarting the Deep Whois installation:

sudo apt-get update


On a fresh instance of FreeBSD, if not yet installed, prior to running the Deep Whois installation you will need to install bash and curl:

su - root -c "pkg install bash curl"